Locally, I teach kids how to read and write.  Below is a photo of a small portion of my bookshelves and a photo of me in front of my bookshelves.  Following those is a description of my services and experience.

sampling of books on my bookshelf
Colleen Sharpe

Is your child struggling to learn how to read?  Spell?  Write?  Engaging the three senses of sight, hearing, and touch; I help students learn the necessary skills.  I help students to memorize all the phonograms of English (sounds of letters/letter blends) and the rules/patterns of spelling and reading.  I help students analyze many words (hands-on in a “spelling notebook” with pencil and paper) for phonograms and rules, and then use that knowledge to sound out words while reading. I teach precisely how to print letters within spaces and lines on paper, as this also helps improve reading ability.

I also teach basic composition skills using classical methods of narration and copywork/dictation, which also help improve reading comprehension. If you’ve been told (or have noticed) that your child needs help with “writing,” contact me for further discussion. Sometimes “writing” can mean printing letters; sometimes it can mean spelling out words; sometimes it can mean putting coherent sentences together; and sometimes it can mean creating cohesive paragraphs. I’ll help you figure it out, and I will help your child build those skills using interesting reading material in science, history, and literature.

As a home-educating mother of two teens and a reading tutor, I have seventeen years of experience so far with one-on-one teaching in reading and writing skills from Preschool through Grade 12 (my older teen is now in university which is fully paid for by scholarships). I’ve taught my own kids and at least thirty-five other students so far (age range 5-15 so far) how to read. The Laker featured a couple of parents and me in an article on page 8 of this issue.  (If that link doesn’t work, go here and click on pdf’s previous to 2017; the article is in the November 2014 issue)

I am passionate about kids learning to read so that they can dive into the world of books. For this reason, I teach one-on-one (I teach in my home, and parent is welcome to stay), which enables the student to spend the entire session absorbing as much teaching and practice as I think he/she can handle. I welcome questions, comments (I love to hear how the student is progressing in reading at home or school!), and concerns throughout the student’s period of study with me.

References from satisfied parents of past and current students are available, and I have a current RCMP Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check. The time slots available for scheduling are Mondays to Fridays, 4 – 7 p.m.. My fee is $30 per session; sessions are one hour long, and parent can choose to do one or more sessions per week.  Each session is packed with me teaching/coaching and the student continually “seeing, saying, hearing, writing” under my guidance (no worksheets, no computer/tablet work, and no alone work).  The fee includes materials, my prep. time, and my ongoing e-mail updates to parents.

For more information or for discussion of your child’s needs, please e-mail me at colleensharpe AT eastlink DOT ca. I look forward to hearing about your child!








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